Thursday, 12 November 2009

I managed to find myself a pair of HOBBS biker boots for £20 from the vintage garage in Leedsssss, it was indeed a very happy moment!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

These are some of my favourite images. I find the colours really vibrant and they just remind me of summer and the very few but lovely long hot days we had. Obviously if this camera had been new it would not have the many flaws such as the beam of light streaking across it in one of the photos, however I believe that these flaws make the overall appearence of the photographs more special.I know that I will have these up on my wall for a long time. The only problem that I found when taking the photographs is the continual manual adjustments you have to make in order to get the correct depth & light for the subject.

These are a series of photographs that i took during the summer at home. I enjoyed experimenting with the different light in order to create a visually exciting image. When comparing these photos to recent digital images i also took, i found these even though from a camera 60 years older were better quality?

Friday, 6 November 2009


As a student I really should be spending money on copius amounts of books and tinned soup however tomorrow I'm planning on spending much of my money on many a vintage garment at the 'marvellous vintage affair' hosted by Bad Sneakers. Plus theres going to be lots of tea and cake in between dancing and cocktails. I'm really quite excited about the prospect of buying some old man cardigans.

I'm very proud to say that this is one of my first pictures that has been developed from my 1960s 35x Halina Anastigmat camera that I purchased from Leeds market for £4! I heart bargain cameras...shame that i took a picture of my feet, bit of an error on my part?